2016 11-07

The Best Juicers for Single People

Looking to buy a great juicer? Here are two juicer choices for you and why they might be a great buy. These are great options for single people.

Omega VRT350 juicer



The Omega VRT350 juicer is a great choice for you. Here is why.


It has an oversized spout which makes the drink serving part easy. You can forget about juice being spilled from the spout if it gushes too much. The juicers masticating style at 80 RPM makes sure that instead of grinding, your juice is produced out of squeezing the ingredients. A juicer that squeezes is always better, because this allows the juice to maintain its true colour. It also preserves the vitamins and minerals, not to mention the original taste of that fruit or veggie.

It is priced at $303.99 on Amazon. Free shipping is being offered with this product at the moment.


The auger is very effective. It has a unique patented screw design which allows you to make the most of your ingredients. The design is such that this is a dual stage juicer. The first stage is when the juice from whichever fruit or veggie you choose is extracted is crushed by the juicer. The second stage is before the pulp is ejected – the pulp goes through a second pressed stage. The benefits of this dual stage juicer are twin – you get a higher yield of juice, as well as drier pulp.

It is also extremely easy to use as it has only three main settings – on, off and reverse. The reverse is supposed to be used to unclog the juicer, or when something goes wrong during the juicing process.

Omega J8007 juicer



This juicer is a product with multiple functions. Impressive in its matte silver colour, it has a wide range of functions. You can extract the juice of any vegetable or any fruit. You can also use it for purposes other than juicing, for example, for baby food or soy milk. It is an 80 RPM juicer, which means that the oxidation in the juice is prevented, as well as the heat buildup is minimized. This style of juicer is known as a masticating juicer. These are not the only benefits – a masticating juicer like this makes sure your juice is healthier. It tastes natural – like it is supposed to. Also, vitamins and minerals from the fruit or vegetable you used are conserved.


The dimensions of the product are 15.5H x 6.5W x 14.5D inches. It weighs 18 lbs. The juicer has a matte silver finish that makes it look very polished and modern. The product includes six nozzles and one juicing screen. The juicer operates quietly and does not create a distracting ruckus as some juicers tend to do. The juicer produces optimum quantity of juice due to its dual stage mastication extraction, as it takes out everything possible from the ingredients.

This is done due to the high efficiency juice extraction system that this machine has – making sure that your juice is wholesome and your pulp drier.

It is priced at $264.95 on Amazon. Free shipping on this product is available at present.


The design of the juicer is quite different. It makes it stand out among other juicers. It has the continuous juicing function – where juice is released from the spout as soon as it is being done, i.e. the glass starts filling up while the juicing process is still going on. The design is such that it becomes very easy to clean. You can have the whole thing apart and cleaned within just a few minutes. The product looks very elegant, and is also ideal for a gift.


– The product comes with the usual warranty of 15 years from Omega – which is one of the best warranties in the business.

– The juicer does not create a clamor while juicing – it is relatively pretty quiet.

– You can use it for purposes other than juicing too – to make all natural nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and other healthy things.

– The slow RPM makes sure your juice lasts longer. You can store it for upto 72 hours.

– The juicer’s design makes sure that the pulp is drier and the foam is low.

– It is easy to clean – only takes a few minutes.


– The funnel tube is not as big as seen in some other models. A bigger funnel tube allows for easy insertion of all kinds of fruits and vegetables without a problem. You need to prepare your fruits or veggies by really cutting them into small pieces beforehand.

– The output nozzle could have been a bit higher. A high output nozzle allows you to use taller glasses. A lot of people prefer that, especially for juices.

The verdict

This is the perfect juicer between a simple one that only juices and a complex one with various settings and customizations. Its price tag makes it cheap and affordable. If you are looking for a decent juicer than also allows you to make other things in it, this is the perfect buy. The sophisticated look just adds to the charm. It is a great value for money buy – and the 15 year warranty seals the deal.


Before you get too excited about wanting to make your own drink, remember that you need a top rated wheatgrass juicer, masticating juicer, or citrus juicer first, depending on the kind of juice you wish to make.

2016 10-31

Here’s How Walking Could Save Your Life

Walking isn’t a complicated and demanding activity, but it has so many positive effects on your health. So, try making it part of your routine and get fitter and healthier fast!


Know the Benefits

Some of the benefits of regular walking include:

  • Maintaining optimal weight
  • Preventing serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, increased blood pressure, and heart disease
  • Making your muscles and bones stronger
  • Improving mood
  • Improving coordination and balance

If you walk regularly, the benefits will be more noticeable and greater.

Consider Your Technique

If you want to change your ordinary walks into an activity that can make you fitter and healthier, you’ll need to apply a proper technique, which requires correct posture and movements:

  • You need to walk straight with your head up, looking forward instead of into the ground
  • You should relax your back, shoulders and neck
  • You should keep your arms slightly bent in the elbows and make free swinging movements
  • Your back should be straight and stomach muscles a bit tight
  • Walk smoothly and roll your feet from heel toward toes

Plan Your Routine

Be equipped. You should have a pair of shoes for walking. The arch support needs to be appropriate. Walking shoes need to have soles that are flexible and thick for shock absorption and cushioning your feet. Clothes that you should wear need to be comfortable and appropriate for different temperatures. If you walk in the evening, wear something reflective so that you are noticeable by drivers.

Carefully choose your walking course. Walking outdoors can be potentially dangerous if you walk over sidewalks that are cracked, with potholes and similar. When the weather is bad, go for a walk in shopping malls.

You should warm up first. Slowly walk for up to ten minutes. This will prepare you for the activity.

Cool down after the walk. When you are done walking, gradually slow down and walk this way up to ten minutes. Your muscles need to relax.

Stretch after the walk. Always stretch a little after the walk. This will help you avoid muscle pain and cramps.


Set Realistic Goals

It’s important to exercise every day for about half an hour. If you don’t have time, separate the activities into a couple of ten-minute walks. If you haven’t been exercising on a regular basis, chances are you’ll need to start gradually.

In that case, you should try five-minute sessions each day of the week. The following week go for a ten-minute walk each day and keep increasing the number of minutes until you increase it to half an hour of walking every day, or even more if you’re comfortable with that.

Track Your Progress


If you try to keep records of your walking distances, steps you’ve made and time spent walking, that would help you remain motivated. You’d be able to see how much fitter, faster and stronger you’ve become since start.

Keeping records of the weekly, monthly and yearly mileage will be tremendously inspiring for you to keep improving your health.

So, write down the data or get a phone app or a pedometer that keeps all these records.

Stay Motivated

  • Plan your activities and start with shorter distances with gradually increasing them over time. Remain committed to your goal, even if it’s just ten minutes each day. Make a routine out of this and set times that work best for you.
  • Enjoy your walks. You can find someone to walk with if you prefer walking in company. Otherwise, listen to music. Make an uplifting playlist that will keep you energized.
  • Change your walking routes occasionally. That will prevent you from getting bored with always taking the same route. Choose safe places that are well lit.
  • Keep walking even if you skipped a few days. Don’t get discouraged and give up but think about how good it feels to be active.

Which Diet is Best for You Advice from Charlotte

If you decided to modify your diet to get healthier and fitter, you must have come across numerous and often contradicting diet plans. You can find a plethora of information in books, on television and online paleo diet, vegan, low-carb, high-carb, fasting intermittently, carb-cycling and many more.

With so many different programs promoting health improvement and safe weight loss, you might be puzzled which one to follow. So, which diet is the best one? It really depends on various factors.

When choosing a diet program, it needs to be personalized. It needs to include important information about you and your way of life, such as your body type, how often you exercise, what your budget is, whether or not you are a vegetarian or a vegan, and what your personal preferences are when it comes to food.

Some people base their diet mostly on carbohydrates, whereas others prefer eating protein in most part. Certain people have food allergies such as an allergy to gluten or dairy products. These are all factors that need to be taken into account when choosing a diet.

So, the conclusion is that there is no such thing as the best, universal diet. It’s impossible to create a diet that will have the same effects and the same benefits when applied by different people.

According to research, people following completely different diets are all found to be healthy no matter if they based their diets mostly on protein, carbs or fat. Health condition and overall fitness have been found to be similar in individuals who ate mostly fruit and vegetables, or those who ate meat in most part, carbohydrates in most part, or mostly fat.

The reason for this is the incredible adaptability of human body to different types of food. People can be fit and relatively healthy by following any nutrition regimen. Each nutrition regime should all be created to accomplish several goals.


  • They raise nutrition awareness and attention


First step towards gaining better health and getting fitter is becoming aware of what, when and how much you eat. Mindful eating is the number one thing that each person needs to achieve.


  • They focus on food quality



No matter if you eat mostly proteins, or mostly carbs each day, you should pay attention to always choosing high-quality foods from those food categories which you prefer.

Paleo diet is based on eating meat, more protein and fat, and least processed food. Vegan diet is a plant-based regime that has lots of antioxidants, rich in carbohydrates, contains plenty of fiber and least processed food.

These diet regimes are very different but contain similarities in the most important aspect avoiding processed food. The aim of all good diet programs is to reduce the intake of junk food, processed foods that contain added sugars, added salt, toxic additives and chemicals.

Regardless of which food categories you choose, your diet needs to be based of nutrient-dense and natural food.


  • They help eliminate nutrient deficiencies


The main reason why people gain weight, feel bad and even get sick, is the lack of nutrients in the food they consume mostly. Foods that are highly processed have low nutritional value. So, whichever diet you prefer has to lead toward same goals to provide your body with energy, vitamins, minerals, and water. If you have any health issues, you have deficiency of some nutrients such as fatty acids, certain minerals or protein. There are essential nutrients that our body needs every day in order to function properly. The goal of any good diet is to supply these nutrients to your body.


  • They help control appetite and food intake


If you follow a certain eating regime and you feel hungry all the time despite eating a lot, this might be a sign that you lack something. On the other hand, if eating makes you satisfied and don’t lead to overeating and food craving your diet is good. Eating quality food will provide your body with everything it needs, thus regulating your appetite. It should lead to fat loss, but without losing energy and compromising health.


  • They promote regular exercise

    Rear of a yoga instructor leading her class during a outdoor lesson


If you care about what you eat, chances are you will be generally more interested in your health. You will understand that food intake is just one way to become healthier. Physical activity is another, equally important factor.  

This implies that your body will be better able to turn anything you eat into energy and muscle instead of storing it as fat. Very different diets, that seem to be contradicting, are all essentially able to affect your body in the same positive way by improving your health and making you fitter.

Therefore, there is no perfect, universal diet. You need to gain as much information about the quality food, no matter to which food category they belong. Also, getting educated about the dangers of processed foods is crucial for any health-conscious person. Starving yourself will not make you content. It might initially reduce your weight but you will get sick, lose energy and feel awful.

The common aspects of numerous different diet programs are aimed at improving health, eating quality foods, getting physically active, and gaining awareness related to nutrition.

So, you need to build your diet based on your lifestyle, health, personal preferences and many other factors that you should consider. The best diet is the one custom-made just for you.